Starting out as a House Music producer under the alias “Dan Ryan”,  Dan Zorn quickly found his way into the Chicago music club scene. After graduating Columbia College, Dan came on board Studio 11 to excercise his true passion beneath producing music; engineering. Having worked with major label artists such as Yelawolf, and being a content creator for Waves Audio, and , it’s safe to say this is one dude who is all about the music.

Dan has been with Studio 11 since 2013 , and has since grown a reputation for his unique style of engineering- merging his musical production chops into every mix he works on. The result is always an end product that resonates a high level of musical understanding and a keen sense of technical mastery – creating mixes that excite all who listen.

Make sure to book ahead, as his nickname “In-Demand Dan” has been coined for a reason.

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